For the car enthusiasts: Ford Expedition V8 5.4L, 4x4, 15-20 mpg, towing capabilities 6000 pounds (~ 3 tons). All in all, the perfect size for a young couple.


Such a trip - over 15,000 miles - could not be done in a compact car…

After intense thoughts, and the help of our sponsors, we took the decision of buying a new, big, solid, US truck, the kind of car that can go anywhere, except on Swiss parking lots.

USA 2004 Honeymoon

60 days across North America


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Denver - San Francisco / 1860 miles - 2992 km

Leaving West bound from Denver to (re-)discover Utah and its breathtaking landscapes (stone arches, canyons, red rock formations). Then off to Nevada with a short stop in Las Vegas where we will enjoy the sights more than the gambling. We will then head North along the Californian State line to warm up in Death Valley followed by a "movie-stop" on the shores of Lake Tahoe where we will enjoy some peaceful time before reaching busy San Francisco.

San Francisco - Seattle / 1340 miles - 2156 km

Typical drive over the Golden Gate then entry into the Californian wine country where we will savor numerous Merlot, Cabernet and Zinfandel that our foreign guests enjoy when visiting us in Denver. We will then head North along the Pacific Ocean and discover the beautiful Oregon scenery. After more than 4,500 Km, we will be glad to stroll around Portland. Last stretch to the North to reach the rainy but dynamic city of Seattle, surrounded by its volcanic landscapes (Mt. Rainier and St. Helens) as well as its shore line (Pudget Sound Bay). It is now time to cross the continent!

Seattle - Minneapolis / 2200 miles - 3539 km

Lots of miles to devour before reaching Glacier National Park on the Canadian boarder. Uneven turf, Continental Divide, then South to Rapid City to admire Mt. Rushmore and visit the reunion point of motorcyclists - the city of Sturgis - hidden in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Finally, endless highway to Minneapolis before arriving to the Great Lakes.

Minneapolis - Pittsburgh / 1300 miles - 2091 km

Drive along the shores of Lake Superior, largest fresh water lake in the world, then southbound along Lake Michigan to Green Bay. Chicago, beloved city of basketball fans that allowed a generation of students to calmly prepare exams in the '90s. Then, East to Pittsburgh, city with 700 bridges and filled with rich history.

Pittsburgh - Québec / 800 miles - 1287 km

Slight "detour" to the North for a newlywed kiss at Niagara Falls. Discovery of Canada with stops in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. Some French will be welcome…

Québec - Washington / 1500 miles - 2413 km

Back to the East Coast with a slow journey down to Boston via the Acadia National Park and restaurants in Maine that serve fresh Lobster. Boston, cultural center of the US with numerous College campuses to visit. The trip South continues with New York, Philadelphia and its history, as well as Williamsburg, former capital of colonial Virginia. The last stop of this leg will be our Nation's Capital: Washington DC with its museums, monuments and symbols.

Washington - New Orleans / 1700 miles - 2735 km

A change of scenery will be welcome after visiting all the busy cities; back to beautiful nature by driving down the 755Km of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachia. Music is still missing from our trip: off to Nashville for it's country music, Memphis for the King and blues, finally, the French Quarters in New Orleans for Creole and Cajun cooking.

New Orleans - Phoenix / 1800 miles - 2896 km

The drive along the Gulf of Mexico will bring us to Houston, largest city in Texas, known for it's petrol and the Nasa Space Center. West to San Antonio, historical capital of Texas where is located Fort Alamo. Off diagonally to head back to the great outdoors. Several parks on our route: Seminole HP, Big Bend NP and Carlsbad Caverns NP. Then some more highway to get to Phoenix where we will "enjoy" a 115 degrees Fahrenheit golf.

Phoenix - Denver / 1000 miles - 1609 km

The last leg of our fabulous journey brings us through the Grand Canyon which was formed over millions of years by the Colorado River. Then stop at Page to contemplate Lake Powel, a 300 Km long artificial lake created in 1963 to irrigate the desert regions of the South West. Finally, Monument Valley, Four Corners (back in Colorado) and Mesa Verde. After all of these breathtaking experiences and sights, it will be nice to be back home in Denver!

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